Live with your family,not money💰

It was only like yesterday that I started running for the first time as a baby….🥺

But now I am an adult of 24 yrs age,,, pursuing my dream,running like a machine among others to settle in life…..Obviously it’s good for life to settle and earn money….but meanwhile we all forgot something important ,,,very important…….it’s our parents..🙂.

Yess….age doesn’t increases only for us,but also to our parents,,,we day by day growing towards a strong adulthood while they slowly gets dragged towards vulnerable geriatrics….

Nothing is so horrible than unexpected hospitalisations of parents,,,,No sleep is peaceful for a cardiac diseased father ,being afraid of the next attack,,

Nothing is horrible than an osteoarthritic mother who suffers even to take a step while once she worked 24*7 for her family

Nothing is horrible than a grandfather who had to get his feet amputated for non healing ulcer becoz of diabetes..

yes,it’s essential we have to run towards money but at what cost?Unable to care those who are the reason for what we are today,”our parents”,unable to care the one who supports us ,”wife”,,unable to nurture and show a way to the next generation,”our children”…..Is money really worth than these?😏..I don’t think so….

So stop running towards money…start looking around…make time for them…love them…care them…live with them….❣️


Hi guys,,,,

Approaching the world is the first step to know our self

Hence here I start my blog my approaching u all

This is my personal blog

I am a medical student who is now preparing for exams for higher studies

Apart from that, I am a normal individual stuck in this covid lockdown

This covid thing proved us many things..about humanity,about how money is worthless before lives, about how to spend more time with families… Basically I am a self centered person who wishes things not to get complicated in everything .. Would not start talking without any reason, even with parents… The one thing I learnt in this lockdown is we are humans who have long forgotten our true nature, socialising behaviour..we are born to be happy and spread the happiness to others… Isn’t it?

So let’s start to be humans and socialise more each day.. I do believe most of you agree with me😊

Since it’s my first time, I request everyone to tolerate my mistakes if any, and comments needed for the improvement of my blog😉